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Wool Diaper Covers

Features of Wool Diaper Covers and Soakers:
  • very breathable natural fiber
  • soft and gentle against baby's skin
  • reduces diaper rashes
  • a homeostatic material - adjusts to accommodate body temperature (warm in winter/cool in summer)
  • holds 3 times its dry weight in urine before feeling wet
  • contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal lanolin - means wool is self-cleaning
  • when wool is wet, air-dry and it will no longer smell like urine
  • only needs washing (usually by hand) when lanolin needs reinforcement or when soiled with poop
  • covers, soakers, shorties and pants available
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Nicki's Diapers Merino Wool Covers - Lite
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RETIRED - Imagine Wool Longies - 50% OFF!
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Sustainablebabyish Playwoolies
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Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Cover
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Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Longies
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Sloomb Retired Knit Wool Shorties - 35% OFF
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