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Wash Help

How many times do I need to wash my new diapers before using them?

Diapers containing synthetic fabrics only need to be washed once before using them on your baby! Any diapers with natural fibers such as hemp, bamboo, or cotton will need to be washed and dried 5-6 times before use to strip the natural oils and reach full absorbency.

How often should I wash the diapers?

We recommend washing your diapers every 1-3 day to help prevent any smell issues or staining.

What type of detergent should I use on my cloth diapers?

Every manufacturer has different washing directions and warranties for their diapers, including which detergents are allowed and recommended so always consult that information first.

The general rule of thumb is to use a detergent that is free of any additives, scents, bleach, and fabric softener. “Free and Clear” detergents are not recommended, as they often have additional cleaning agents in them that can cause buildup. We have had great success using Tide Original detergent.

How do I remove the poop stains from my cloth diapers?

Good news! With proper care, your diapers should have minimal staining. Some people prefer to use a liner to help prevent stains, but washing diapers every 1-3 days and removing solid waste before washing (if baby is not exclusively breastfed) works well to prevent stains.

The sun is also your best friend when it comes to stain fighting! After washing, simply lay or hang your clean, but still wet, diapers in the sun for a great whitening effect - a 100% natural bleach. :)

We DO NOT recommend using bleach, stain removers, borax, Bac-Out, Biokleen, or Oxy-Clean as they may damage your diapers.

I have an HE washer, what do I need to do differently?

With an HE washer the amount of water is limited to the weight of the laundry load. This often means that cloth diapers don't get the amount of water necessary to get clean, since they are so absorbent and soak up water that is meant to wash them! You can trick your machine into adding more water by adding a wet towel to your load. Make sure your washer is always set on the highest water setting as well and that you only use HE specific detergent.