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TotsBots - Festive Fling

TotsBots - Festive Fling
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TotsBots PeeNut Wrap: The TotsBots PeeNut Wrap uses PeeNut Absorbent Pads (sold separately) that can be snapped in separately or together for flexible absorbency and fits babies from 8-35 pounds. This cloth diaper system is great for day or night from birth to potty training. The PeeNut Wrap is soft, fast drying and slim fitting. The absorbent pads come in 2 sizes - a light and medium. For newborns, the light pad will be all that is needed during the day and the medium at night. As your baby gets older, use the medium during the day. When you snap in both the light and medium pads together, you will have maximum absorbency!

EasyFit V4 One Size All In One Diaper by TotsBots: EasyFit V4 One Size All In One Diaper by TotsBots now has a bamboo, cotton blend fabric on top and minky underneath, so natural fibers are next to your baby's skin while the minky underneath pulls away wetness and is fast drying. This "Binky" fabric is soft, absorbent, durable and also it is less prone to detergent buildup! Each diaper comes with a booster to increase absorbency. The EasyFit V4 has a waterproof outer made of a stretchy PUL and hook & loop fasteners for quick and easy changes. Wrap around stretch gives it a super comfortable fit!

TotsBots TeenyFit AIO V4 Diaper: The TotsBots TeenyFit AIO V4 Diapers are perfect newborn diapers that fit tiny babies from 5-12 pounds! It is a shaped, stretchy, slim fitting all-in-one diaper that has comfortable elastic around the legs and waist to hold in the messes. With the Hook & Loop closure, it goes on just like a disposable. There is a bamboo/cotton core for extra absorbency and also comes with a removable fleece liner.

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