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Thirsties - Limited Edition Prints

Thirsties - Limited Edition Prints
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Thirsties has made a number of adorable limited edition prints over the years, often with fun seasonal themes! Limited edition prints are usually available in AIOs, Pocket Diapers, Duo Wraps, Covers, and Wet Bags.

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Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper

The Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper fits most babies from 8-40 pounds. This 2 piece diapering system has a waterproof pocket diaper and absorbent inserts that gives the diaper 8 layers! Because the insert will agitate out in the washing machine, there is no need to remove soiled inserts from the diaper. Each diaper includes a full size insert made of 5 layers of hemp jersey cotton and a newborn insert made of 3 layers of microfiber. The inserts can be used individually or snapped together so you can customize the Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper with different absorbency and size. The microfiber absorbs quickly and the hemp is a stable absorber, so together they make a perfect leak proof pair!

Thirsties One Size All In One Diapers

Thirsties One Size All In One Diapers are reusable diapers that are simple to use, trim fitting and affordable! This cloth diaper has an internal absorbent, 3 layer microfiber soaker and a waterproof PUL exterior, so there is no stuffing and no cover needed. There is even an additional layer of terry between the microfleece and PUL for extra protection from leaks. The gentle elastic around the legs and waist also give protection against leaks.

Thirsties Duo Wrap

Thirsties Duo Wrap is a diaper cover that was developed to save you money! When trying to develop a one-size diaper cover, Thirsties discovered that no matter how they tried the one-size cover was too big on the average newborn and too small for most toddlers. By developing the Duo Wraps, Thirsties gives you very trim fitting covers in only 2 sizes that will cover your baby from birth to potty-training!

Thirsties Diaper Covers

Thirsties Diaper Covers are the perfect diaper cover especially for families looking for a waterproof wrap that is still super cute. These diaper covers are made from a single layer of polyester laminate for optimal breathability and hassle free washing! This diaper cover is perfect for those who want to save money and have fewer covers in their rotation since these can easily be wiped clean between uses. On wash day just toss them in the washer with your diapers and dry on low heat.

Made in the USA!

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