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Thirsties NEW Limited Edition Print - Azalea

Thirsties NEW Limited Edition Print -  Azalea
Thirsties NEW Limited Edition Print - Azalea
Thirsties has a wonderful new Spring color called Azalea!
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Thirsties has a wonderful new Spring color called Azalea!

The print is available in snap and hook & loop closure in the Duo Wrap, Newborn All in One, Newborn Natural All in One, One Size All in One, One Size Natural All in One, One Size Pocket Diaper, Wet Bag, Wet Dry Bag, Mini Wet Bag, Clutch Bag, and Swim Diapers!

The Thirsties Duo Wrap is a cloth diaper cover that only comes in 2 sizes, because that is all you will need to diaper your baby from birth through potty training! They are completely waterproof, can be wiped clean on the inside so you can use them longer between washings, have breathability to keep your baby comfortable, and have leg gussets with super soft bindings to keep diapers from leaking.

     Size Chart for Duo Wraps

Size 1
6-18 lbs
0-9 months
Size 2
9-36 months

Thirsties Swim Diaper is a pool or beach ready version of the Thirsties Duo Wrap. It is available in 2 sizes and trimmed like the Thirsties Duo Wrap. 

Thirsties One Size All In One Cloth Diaper is as easy to use as a disposable, just as trim fitting but reusable so you will save money! The soaker is sewn in only at the top of the diaper - that means it is fast drying and it is easy to add extra absorbency when needed. It fits babies from 8-40 pounds and has a 4 layer microfiber terry soaker sewn in & a top layer of stay dry microfleece to keep baby feeling dry.

Thirsties Natural One Size All In One Cloth Diaper is similar to the above One Size All in One but is made from all natural fibers. The interior consists of 11 layers of natural fiber:  3 layers of organic cotton in the body & 2 soaker pads with 8 layers of hemp/organic cotton.

The Thirsties Newborn All In One Cloth Diaper is an easy to use, trim fitting diaper that is perfect for your newborn!  It fits babies from 5-14 pounds and has an umbilical cord snap down to protect your baby's healing belly button. All the Thirsties Newborn Diapers even have rise snaps so it will fit your baby well and can be used longer than many other newborn diapers. With 4 layers of microfiber terry built in the diaper, it soaks up to 7 times its weight in liquid. The soaker is topped with stay-dry microfleece to keep your baby feeling dry.

The Thirsties Natural Newborn All In One Cloth Diaper is similar to the above Newborn All in One but uses all natural fibers! There are 8 layers of natural fibers - the interior has 2 layers of organic cotton in the body and 6 layers of hemp/organic cotton in the soaker pads. The soaker flaps are sewn down on one side of the diaper, thus allowing extra absorbency to be added and drying time is decreased.

The Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper is easy to use and will fit most babies from 8-40 pounds. The adjustable rise and Thirsties' signature leg gussets means messes will be contained whether your baby is chunky, slim, short or tall. Each diaper includes 2 inserts. The full size insert is made of 5 layers of hemp/cotton and the newborn insert is made of 3 layers of microfiber terry - that's 8 layers of absorption! These inserts can be used alone or snapped together so you are able to customize the diaper to fit your baby's needs. This cloth pocket diaper has openings on both ends between the stay-dry microfleece and waterproof layer. This means stuffing is easy and there is no need to remove soiled inserts before washing - the agitation of the washing machine will free the insert during the wash cycle.

Thirsties Wet Bag won't leak or wick because it is made of waterproof PUL with fully-taped waterproof seams. It holds a full days supply of diapers - up to 8 diapers and inserts! The color coordinated snap handle can be used to hang it or to wrap it for storage in a diaper bag or purse. Made of 100% polyester with waterproof urethane coating. Machine washable, hang to dry or machine dry on low. Size:  13.5" W x 16" H

The Thirsties Clutch Bag is a small bag to carry wipes, cosmetics, crayons, toiletries, or whatever! This Clutch Bag will carry all those small items in a waterproof interior so don't worry about leaking or wicking. Size:10.5" W x 5.5" H

The Thirsties Wet/Dry Bag is a bag for all your wet and dry stuff - from soiled diapers to swimwear to wet towels. The inside of the Thirsties Wet/Dry Bag has a waterproof TPU interior. There is also an outer zippered mesh pocket for things you want to keep dry - wallet, keys, phone, etc. Size:  13.5" W x 15" H

The Thirsties Mini Wet Bag is just the bag to use when you only need to hold 3-4 diaper or smaller number of items. The inside of the Thirsties Mini Wet Bag has a waterproof TPU interior to prevent leaking and wicking. Size:  11.5" W x 8.75" H

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