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The Rayosan Process

 The Rayosan process was developed by Sunsafe, an Australian company, and researchers at the Textile Department of the University of South Wales.This technology allows increasing the Sun Protection Factor of fabric without changing the appearance, handle, and "breathability" of the fabric. You can imagine how excited we are to incorporate this technology into the Moby Wrap fabric. Using this kind of fabric will offer another layer of protection for baby's sensitive skin, especially before the recommended age of using sunscreen.

Here's how it works:

     Australia has the world's best data bank on skin cancer, and recent research there has shown that sunscreens alone are not sufficient protection from the formation of melanoma and related skin damage. People who work and play outdoors are being advised to cover up because the effects of UVR (ultra violet rays) are considered to be cumulative.
     A study of 250 summer fabrics confirmed that most of them do not afford the equivalent protection of a good SPF 15 sunscreen. Most summer fabrics are light and open in structure - allowing UV rays to be transmitted through.