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Newborn / Sized Diaper Covers & Pull-Ons

Features of Sized Diaper Covers:
  • offer a better fit for some babies than the one-size option
  • usually are trimmer than one size covers but fit for a shorter period of time
  • fewer washings means they will be in better shape for future babies!
  • as your baby grows, fewer covers will be needed in the larger sizes

Sized diapers also have pros and cons. Pros of sized diapers include:

  • More variety in your diaper stash. You can rotate a wider variety of prints and colors when you use sized diapers.
  • Sized diapers tend to fit better at some stages, especially for very small babies or larger toddlers.
  • Sized diapers may last through more than one child since they are moved out of circulation as they are outgrown

Cons of sized diapers may include:

  • More upfront costs as you may need to purchase more diapers
  • If you have more than one child in diapers you will need to sort diaper laundry
  • Need to buy more diapers as your child grows

One-size diapers are a great choice if you only have one child to diaper or if you want to be able to buy one set of diapers for more than one child. Sized diapers may work best if you have a child who is hard to fit or if you plan to use the diapers for a longer period of time, such as for more than one child over time.

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