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PVC Information

What is PVC?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a plastic that requires toxic chemicals to make it stable and soft for use in many baby items.

Is it harmful to your child?

  • Vinyl chloride is a known human carcinogens.
  • Common stabilizers for PVC are lead and cadmium.  Both lead and cadmium are toxic (especially to young children).
  • Phthalates ("thay-lates"), the plasicizers used to soften PVC has been shown to disrupt reproductive functions.
  • PVC products break down over time releasing harmful chemicals into your child's environment.


Why take the risk?

Babies develop by exploring through their senses, for example by putting everything in their mouths. You can minimize your child's risk of ingestion of harmful chemicals by removing PVC products from your child's environment.

Many infant PVC products are still available in the United States even though Europe and Japan have banned PVC products intended for children under the age of 5.