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Pacifiers & Accessories

Babies have a strong sucking reflex so a pacifier may soothe a fussy baby and help her fall asleep. Pacifiers also ease discomfort during flights and distract a baby when getting shots. Researchers have even found a reduced risk of SIDS when used during sleep.

Some of the drawbacks for pacifier use is that a baby may become dependent on the pacifier and prolonged use may lead to dental problems. However, use of a pacifier is easier to break than sucking on thumbs or fingers.

Pacifier pouches and clips help you keep your baby's pacifier clean and prevents loss.
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WubbaNub Infant Pacifier
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Hevea Pacifiers
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Bumkins Pacifier Clips
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BooginHead PaciGrip
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BooginHead PaciPouch
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Ju-Ju-Be Pacifier Pod
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Skip Hop Pacifier Pocket
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