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One Size Flat Diapers

Flat Diapers or "Flats" are the classic cloth diaper. Made of one large piece of absorbent material (frequently 100% cotton), they need to be folded to fit your little one. With no waterproof element attached, flat diapers require a diaper cover to prevent leaks.
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Smart Bottoms Flat Diapers
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Imagine Bamboo Flat Diapers - 6-Pack
Average Rating(48)
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Imagine Birdseye Printed Flat Diapers - 6-pack
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Geffen Baby Organic Hemp Jersey Flats
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Hemp Babies Flat Weeds
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Geffen Baby Hemp Fleece Fladdle (Flat/Swaddle)
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Imagine Stretchy Bamboo Flat Diapers - 3-Pack
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Nicki's Diapers Cotton Muslin Flats
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