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Nicki's Diapers Ultimate One Size All-in-One (Snap)

Nicki's Diapers Ultimate One Size All-in-One (Snap)
Nicki's Diapers Ultimate All-In-One provides the ultimate stay-dry solution to keep your baby feeling comfortable. The fleece-topped microfiber insert quickly pulls wetness away for ultimate absorption and stay-dry feel, while the waterproof outer cover completes the Ultimate with crossover tabs for the most adjustable fit.
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Nicki's Diapers ULTIMATE All-in-One Diaper

Nicki's Diapers ULTIMATE All-in-One Diagram

Nicki's Diapers Ultimate All-In-One is the ultimate combination of absorbency, stay-dry comfort, and a customizable fit. The snap-in insert consists of a microfiber base with a soft and absorbent fleece top to keep baby feeling dry. The ultimate snap-in insert includes a foldable panel in front for extra absorbency where needed.

Customizable waist tabs have extra stretch to help get the best fit possible and a variety of waist and rise snap options to grow with baby. The waterproof outer cover includes PUL guards on the front and back to prevent wicking and gentle leg elastics to keep messes contained.

This Nicki's Diapers exclusive is the ultimate diaper solution to keep baby feeling dry from birth to potty training.

Feel good about spending less! All Nicki's Diapers Brand Cloth Diapers and Bamboo Swaddle Blankets are part of the ongoing Buy 1, Give 1 Promotion.

For every cloth diaper or swaddle blanket you purchase, one will be donated to a needy child. Nicki's Diapers is in the process of forming the non-profit organization Hope Love Care, which will provide much needed necessities to families and orphanages all over the world.

Nicki's Diapers ULTIMATE All-in-One Sizing

To prep your Nicki's Diapers Ultimate All-In-One Cloth Diaper for its first use, be sure to wash and dry it at least once, using detergent.

    Rise Settings Based on Baby's Weight:
  • 1st row: small 8-15 pounds
  • 2nd row: medium 15-23 pounds
  • 3rd row: large 23-35+ pounds
    Care Instructions:
  1. Remove solids into toilet
  2. Cold rinse or light wash (no detergent)
  3. Warm or hot wash (with detergent), extra rinse
  4. Tumble Dry low or line dry
Nicki's Diapers OS Ultimate AIO
5 Stars
Best AIO
I've been cloth diapering for over a year and we use AIO exclusively for out-of-home use. I've used several AIO brands from Thirsties to Bumgenious to pockets stuffed with a prefold and Thirsties hemp. My two year old is a very heavy wetter and I was so tired of adding the extra inserts, stuffing pockets and still dealing with leaks. I purchased 4 of these to test out and was so excited to receive them! They're SO soft! We don't own a dryer so we line dry everything indoors and compared to what we're used to these dried so fast! In a room with one window open they dry up in about 10 hours! That's amazing to me and I'm sure they would line dry much quicker if we put them outside! Aside from being soft they're ridiculously absorbent. I was worried about using microfiber due to past experiences with compression leaks and stinks but we've had absolutely no issues! After a long frustrating drive home we put my daughter to sleep and forgot to change out her diaper so I checked it really quick to see if it was wet and decided to take the plunge and let her sleep in it all night. NO LEAKS. The gussets were still dry as well! We were AMAZED. We still use these exclusively for outings and I love how trim they are compared to other all in ones. I'm currently selling all of my AIOs to replace them with these UAIO.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from USA. on 3/6/2016
5 Stars
Very Nice!
I have tried this diaper on my two girls one is a slim 2yr old 25lbs the other is 4yr and 35lbs. This will fit both girls. Elastic is softly covered and does not leave marks. Diaper in trim and holds a good amount but you can add more under the soaker if needed. This gets pretty small so i imagine it would fit pretty small babies as well.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MN. on 12/29/2015
5 Stars
I love them.. They hold alot. I woukd compare these to bg free time . but vetter and cheaper. Keeps baby dry and not damp. Need to get more..
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Reviewed by:  from az. on 1/15/2016
5 Stars
Great value
Tried one of these on a whim since daycare wasn't a fan of the rolled elastics on our bamboo AIOs and have been very happy with it. Fit is identical to the bamboo, so if you like the fit of those, you'll probably like the fit on these. Pretty absorbent for microfiber, and the same super soft stay dry fleece inner we loved on the pockets--but no stuffing! Yeah! So glad these are an option. I'll be looking into more for daycare for sure :-)
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Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin. on 12/27/2015
5 Stars
I LOVE everything about this diaper! I love the trimness, the price, and the designs! it's all i could want for a diaper, especially just starting out! It's great for skinny legged babies too! It's great for over night and personally i love that the insert is not sewn in. The only thing I wish they could have done was come out with more designs!
Did you find this helpful?  8 of 8 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Arizona. on 3/23/2016

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