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Mommy Necklaces - Locked Donut

Mommy Necklaces - Locked Donut
Mommy Necklaces Dangling Donut Strands have a moveable Donut Add-On pendant. The donut is appealing to your nursing baby for twiddling and fiddling with.
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Mommy Necklaces Locked Donuts are fixed in place - the cord wraps the donut pendant in place on a strand.  This simple style is a great compromise between style and function. It is the perfect length for a child's reaching grasp while nursing. These necklaces are stylish and durable especially designed for moms, by moms! Who says you have to give up style for function when you're a mom? With Mommy Necklaces, you can have both!

Made from high-quality USA-made acrylic, Mommy Necklaces are beautiful, innovative and lab-tested for safety for you and your baby! They have durable cording and special break-away closures to guard against breakage and loose beads. Available in a wide range of beautiful colors!

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