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Blueberry and Swaddlebees
began in 2005 when the founder, Margarita McClure, couldn't find diapers that were stylish and fun - so she created her own. The business quickly grew from an online in the basement business to having over 150 retailers and distributors in the US and around the world.

Now Blueberry and Swaddlebees have merged their brands into one - Blueberry. That means that Swaddlebees Econappi is now Blueberry Econappi, Swaddlebees Simplex is Blueberry Simplex, etc. Why have they done this? Over the years, the difference between the 2 brands has grown smaller and smaller. To make it less confusing for the consumer, it just made sense to merge the brands. During the transition, products may have a mixture of tags.

products are made in the USA.

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Blueberry Daytime Trainers
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Blueberry Microfleece Liners 6-pack!
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Blueberry Capri Stay Dry Inserts - 2 PK
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Blueberry Simplex Organic Newborn All In One Diaper
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Blueberry Capri Diaper Cover
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Blueberry Diaper Clutch - 35% OFF
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