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Nicki's Diapers Limited Edition Print - Take Your Pick

Nicki's Diapers Limited Edition Print - Take Your Pick
Nicki's Diapers Limited Edition Print - Take Your Pick
Take Your Pick is the newest Limited Edition print from Nicki's Diapers! This beautiful, floral print has vibrant pink flowers, bright enough to rival any flower garden! It's the perfect print for playtime in the sunshine!
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The Nicki's Diapers line is thoughtfully designed in the USA and ethically manufactured in a family owned and operated facility in China. Great quality at an economical price!

When you buy a Nicki's Diapers Exclusive Brand product you not only get all the features parents love, beautiful colors and stylish prints, you can feel good about spending less by being part of Nicki's Buy 1 Give 1 promotion. Nicki has a not-for-profit organization called Hope Love Care. Through Hope Love Care, basic baby necessity items, such as diapers, blankets and baby bottles, are donated to babies in need domestically and overseas. For every diaper or blanket purchased, Nicki's Diapers donates one to a baby in need.

Pocket Diapers are a high-quality cloth diaper at an economical price. Each Pocket Diaper comes with a thirsty one-size microfiber insert which can be stuffed in a rear or front pocket and agitates out in the wash!

Bamboo All-In-Ones have rolled legs are extra gentle on baby's legs and the thirsty 4-layer 70% bamboo, 30% cotton blend insert snaps out for easy cleaning and quicker drying. They come in One size and Newborn sizes.

Ultimate All-In-Ones is the ultimate combination of absorbency, stay-dry comfort, and a customizable fit. The snap-in insert, and fleece lining keep baby feeling dry, while the extra stretchy closure tabs make sure baby feels comfortable. Plus, the waterproof outer includes PUL guards to prevent wicking!

Diaper Covers can be used with prefolds, flats, contours, or fitted diapers. You can simply wrap the cover around your cloth diaper, or use the inner front and back flats to tuck your prefold or flat under. The interior is wipeable so it can be used multiple times before washing!

Wet Bags are made with a single layer of seam sealed waterproof PUL. They are lightweight, easy to travel with and waterproof to contain wet and stinky items! Each bag features a snap handle for easy carrying and measures 12" x 16". These wet bags hold approximately 5-8 cloth diapers.

Training Pants look just like big kid underwear! These potty training pants have stretchy sides and stretchy elastic on the legs and waist, making them easy for your little ones to pull up and down. The inner fabric is soft, 100 % cotton flannel lining to allow your little one to feel the wetness, while the internal micro-fiber absorbs accidents. The outer fabric is 100% waterproof PUL to help prevent leaks.

Overnight Training Pants will help keep the bed dry at night! These potty training pants have absorbency where it is really needed. There is one layer of microfiber for quick absorption and topped with fleece to keep you little one feeling dry at night. Also inside are 4 layers of bamboo for extra absorbency with no compression leaks. 

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