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Laundry Care

The first concern for someone new to cloth diapering is how to care for them. The idea of it may seem daunting, but the steps to take are actually very simple. You will quickly become used to the routine and only think about all the money you are saving by not using disposables! This section includes everything you need to make it easy and convenient to wash cloth diapers. You can find simple directions for washing cloth diapers HERE.

A couple of important things to remember:

  • Do not use a laundry detergent with dyes, perfumes, enzymes, bleach or softeners. These additives may prematurely break down elastic, hook & loop and waterproof material.
  • The detergents listed here are great to use, but you can also find suitable detergents at your grocery store. Arm & Hammer for Sensitive Skin is one of those.
  • Do not use fabric softeners as they coat the cloth and decrease its absorbency.
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