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Lalabye Baby Wet/Dry Bags

Lalabye Baby Wet/Dry Bags
Little Teapot
Lalabye Baby Wet/Dry Bags are made of waterproof TPU and have a handle with snap closure. Available in 2 sizes - Small "Quick Trip" and Large "Grab N' Go.
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Lalabye Baby Wet/Dry Bags are made of stretchy, waterproof TPU and have a handle with a durable snap closure. Just snap it around your wrist, stroller or diaper bag for an outing with baby. The flat bottom allows the bag to stand on its own and makes it easy to pack.

The Quick Trip Wet/Dry Bag holds 6-7 diapers and is perfect for a "quick trip" to the store or doctor's office, etc.

The Grab N' Go Wet/Dry Bag holds about 10 diapers and is perfect for daycare or a day out and about.

The Just in Case Wet Bag fits about 2 diapers. Use it for diapers, diapering accessories, toiletries, mama cloth, anything!

The Bitty Wet Bag holds small items to keep them clean and keep them from getting lost in bigger diaper bags or purses. This is a wet bag but not a wet/dry bag.

Both sizes are very versatile! Use them for cloth diapers, clothes, bathing suits, toys, gym clothes, shoes, etc.

  • Quick Trip - Small:  14" x 9"  
  • Grab N' Go - Large:  14" x 13"  
  • Just in Case - 10" x 8"
  • Bitty - 4.75" x 4.75"

Lalabye Baby Wet/Dry Bags are easy to clean - just throw them in the washing machine with the dirty diapers or other laundry.

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