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FuzziBunz Washing Instructions

Manufacturer Suggested Washing Instructions

Fuzzi Bunz are a single use diaper - meaning you use it once and then wash it. You can not take the insert out and put another one in and keep using the Fuzzi Bunz.  Use a Fuzzi Bunz and wash it after every use.

When wet, simply separate the two pieces or shake the insert out into a diaper pail.

If soiled, solid poop will "plop" right off of the diaper into the toilet. No rinsing or swirling. If there are "stickies" on the fleece whatever does not shake off into the toilet will dissolve in the wash. If you just can not put it in the washer that way you can get a "mini-shower" and spray the poop off of the diaper before putting it in your washer.

Run a rinse or soak cycle first with no detergent just to dissolve any "left overs" and get much of the urine and mess out and spun out into the sewer where it belongs.

After the soak cycle run a HOT wash with the detergent of your choice. Do not over use your detergent as the full recommended amount by the manufacturer is a bit too much - however you do need enough to clean dirty diapers. 1/2 the recommended amount is sufficient and if you find you have a cleaning problem then add more detergent.

Your hot wash cycle will more than likely have a cold rinse that follows. No need to run a second rinse unless you are having a really dirty diaper problem or feel you must if it was a particularly dirty load.

You can either tumble your diapers dry on low heat or hang to dry, either way they will dry quickly and be ready to put back on your baby.

A Few Dos & Don'ts

  • Do wash your Fuzzi Bunz after each use.
  • Do make sure that there is a snug fit
  • Do make sure that you have the correct size for your baby.
  • Do contact the manufacturer if you have any problems
  • Do not use fabric softener or use pure soap products on your Fuzzi Bunz.
  • No bleach or exposure to high heat for prolonged periods of time.


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