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FuzziBunz Featured Benefits

16 Reasons Why You Should Choose Fuzzi Bunz

1.  Keeps Baby Dry

  • Your baby wil be more comfortable and less cranky due to diaper comfort.  Happy Baby = Happy Mama.

2.  Incredible Diaper Savings

  • We don't have to tell you that using reusable products will save you money over disposables but not only are you NOT throwing your hard earned dollar away (literally) ... you are not spending MORE money on each "diaper run" you make when your run out of diapers. They ADD UP!

3.  Eliminates / Treats Diaper Rash

  • No more costly trips to the Pediatrician for rashes, no more goops, sticky jells and pastes. No more Yuck. No more pain for baby!

4.  Healthy for our Environment

  • OK - this is a no-brainer. Since 2000 We have stopped over 45 MILLION! disposable diapers from being put in landfills. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY USING FUZZI BUNZ!

5.  Adjustable Sizes

  • You spend less money because Fuzzi Bunz grow with your baby due to unique and multiple snap placements. Buy diapers once and don't worry about diapers again for a long time! That's one less thing you have to worry about with a new baby.

6.  No Messy or Wet Leaks

  • YOU don't wake up in puddles in the middle of the night. Baby's nice clothes stay poo stain free! Baby poo stains clothing! Put nice clothing on your baby with confidence you won't have "ring around the rump!" Designed especially to contain breastfed baby poop.

7.  Stays Beautiful Wash after Wash

  • You will soon realize there is nothing like a cloth diapered tushie. You will love patting those Bunz in beautiful diapers - no rattiness or pilliness here and NO STAINS! WOW!

8.  Leg Casings!

  • What are Leg Casings? That's our slang for encased leg elastic which exist not for aesthetic measures but to double as mock "leg dams" to serve as assurance that everything will stay where it is supposed to be. No leaks. No mess. No fleece to "poke" back in.

9.  All "New" Materials.

  • Hey It's the year 2005, not 1965! This means easy to wash, care for and durable enough to last through multiple children - again - saving you MONEY! High tech mama needs high tech diapers. Cloth diapers have finally evolved!

10.  Unsurpassed Quality

  • When you spend money on Fuzzi Bunz you are getting your money's worth! Carefully made under strict quality control measures. Fuzzi Bunz GUARANTEE their work. With Fuzzi Bunz the adage is true - you get what you pay for. They offer SUPER trim fit where many cloth diapers are bulky! With Fuzzi Bunz you will actually be able to fit your baby's appropriate size clothing on OVER the diaper with no problem. No saggy pants here.

11.  Super Easy to Use

  • Stuff them and they are ready to go! A favorite of daycares, dads and grandma! Invented by a LAZY MOM! Fuzzi Bunz are easy. Saves you time and fuss and lets you enjoy diapering your baby.

12.  High Sanitation Standards

  • Fuzzi Bunz were made so that there is no need for swirling, dunking, spraying or soaking diapers. Two part system means you spend less time washing, bleaching, sunning or doing all of that "old fashioned" stuff granny used to do to her diapers. AND they actually get clean!

13.  Quick Drying

  • Two part system not only is a breeze to clean but dries in a flash. This saves you on your energy bill (not to mention energy in general) and you can have them washed and dried in no time flat. This also means you need less diapers and spend less money. Get out of that laundry room mama! With a baby you spend enough time in there.

14.  Maximum Comfort for Baby

  • You will have satisfaction that your baby is totally comfortable in Fuzzi Bunz. No pins to poke, no velcro to scratch or stick and no crunchy (plasticy) fabric to rub against baby's delicate skin. Babies that are comfortable are less fussy. Babies will be in diapers every day for almost 3 years. You want to make sure those 3 years are spent in comfort.

15.  110% Guaranteed Customer Service

  • Fuzzi Bunz has got your "back" mama! Got a problem? Any problem? They WILL take care of you. Buy your Fuzzi Bunz with confidence! You won't be dissapointed.

16.  Invented by a Mom of 3

  • Unique enough to have been granted a United States Patent! One mother thought her child deserved better.... now yours can have something better too.


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