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We appreciate you! To thank you for your business we want to give you a free gift. All orders placed online over $49 receive a free gift!  We cannot combine multiple orders to reach the free gift threshold so please ensure your order qualifies for the free gift at the time of purchase.

Please note: If your return your entire order for a refund, you must return the free gift/promotional item with the product being returned or the retail value of the free gift/promotional item will be deducted from the final amount of your refund.

Free Gifts & Discount codes - some of Nicki's Diapers discount or promotional codes DO NOT stack with our free gift offerings. Please read the coupon code wording carefully once you add the discount or promotional code to your cart to determine if you would like to proceed with using the code on your order.

*We do our best to honor color and closure requests, however it is not always possible as our Free Gift selection is often very limited. If you cannot use your free gift please consider passing it along!

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Earn FREE product just by shopping at Nicki's Diapers. Get one point for every dollar you spend, and redeem for store credit!

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