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Environmental Issues

Every child adds about 6500 disposable diapers to our landfills.

Disposable diapers have little to no recycling potential and the long term effects of them on the environment remain unknown.

Disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to decompose.

One baby can produce up to 2 tons of landfill waste using disposable diapers.

Harsh bleaches and cleaning agents used at diaper services can cause damage to the environment.

Serious threat of contamination from disposable diapers because of human sewage going into landfills.

Disposal of human waste in residential garbage is technically prohibited and instructions on disposable diaper packaging recommend that you shake out any fecal matter into the toilet before disposing of it.

Viruses found in feces can pose a threat to our water supplies and wildlife.

Each baby in disposable diapers consumes 4.5 trees (Based on only 2 years in diapers.)

Read an article from Mothering Magazine about the Politics of Diapers: