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Diaper Definitions

AIO: All-in-One diapers, are one piece consisting of a waterproof outer shell with attached absorbent cloth interior. Inserts can be added to increase absorbency. Available in both natural fiber and stay dry options.
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AI2: All-in-Two diapers consist of a waterproof outer shell with separate insert. Soiled insert is changed out and cover can be reused over multiple changes. Inserts and covers are generally sold separately, good rule of thumb is to have 3 inserts for every 1 cover. Inserts are available in both natural fibers and stay dry options for most systems.
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Cloth Wipes: Reusable and washable wipes made of organic cotton, fleece, flannel, velour, microfleece, etc
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Diaper Cover: Waterproof outer layer used over flats, prefolds, or fitteds. Available in many material types including PUL, wool, and fleece.
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Diaper Liner: Liners are used to either create a wicking layer or to make solid waste clean up easier and may be made of fleece or another material. They do not add absorbency but can be used as a barrier between diapers and creams that could damage them.
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Diaper Sprayer: A Diaper Sprayer is a spray wand or mini:shower that hooks up to the toilet. Instead of dunking poopy diapers into the toilet bowl, you just spray the poop off!
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Doubler: An additional liner that can be added to a cloth diaper to add extra absorbency. Can be laid or placed in any type of diaper.
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EBF: Abbreviation for exclusively breastfed. The solid waste from an exclusively breastfed baby can be put directly in the washer without rinsing because it is water soluble.
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Flats: Large single layer of fabric. Can be pad-folded and laid into a cover or folded and closed with a fastener. Available in cotton, bamboo and hemp depending on brand.
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Fitted: Contoured absorbent cloth shaped to fit baby. No folding required. Different closure options available; snaps, hook and loop or snap less which will require a fastener. Generally fitted diapers are made from natural fibers, a couple brands offer stay dry options.
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Hook and Loop: Also sometimes referred to as aplix, this is the generic name for Velcro and is a closure type available on many cloth diapers.
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Prefold: Rectangular shaped cloth generally made up of three panels of various layers of fabric. Can be trifolded and laid into a cover or folded and closed with a fastener. Available in cotton, bamboo and hemp depending on brand
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Pocket: Waterproof outer layer with an opening for inserts or prefolds to be place inside. Change cover and insert at each diaper change. Generally pockets are sold with microfiber inserts, there are a couple options that offer a natural fiber insert.
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