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Cloth Diaper Troubleshooting

Why does my baby have a diaper rash only when I am using cloth diapers?

Rash on your baby is never fun, and there are several possible reasons that baby might develop a diaper rash when using cloth diapers. Remember, wet diapers can contribute to rashes, so make sure to change your baby when they are wet.

Often diaper rash can be caused by a buildup issue from either urine or detergent. The first thing to try would be adding MORE detergent to your wash and see if you can get your diapers cleaner and remove urine buildup. If that doesn't work, try stripping your diapers (according to manufacturer suggestions) and then adding less detergent or trying a more clean-rinsing brand/formula.

If you have a consistent rash problem, this may be a specific detergent irritation issue and you can try switching your diaper laundry detergent. Sometimes (however rarely) babies develop an irritation to a specific fabric against their skin, so trying a different type of fabric type might help too!

If you find that you need to use any sort of diaper cream we recommend to ALWAYS use a liner . Otherwise creams can coat your diapers, making your cloth diapers repel liquid. Place the liner between the cream on your baby's behind and the inner of the cloth diaper. Both cloth and disposable liners work well. Even if a cream is "Cloth Diaper Safe" - it is still advised to use a liner to keep your diapers in the best shape.

Every manufacturer is different with care recommendations for diapers, so please feel free to contact us so we can help you figure out the best methods.

**If there is any question to whether a rash might be due to yeast or other medical issue, please contact your family physician!**

Help! My diaper leaks every time!

    Common issues that can cause your diapers to leak:
  • Make sure your diaper has been prepped correctly, natural fibers must be washed 5-6 times to reach full absorbency.
  • Check the fit! Is it gapping in the legs or waist? As baby grows and their body changes, you will need to adjust the rise and waste snaps accordingly.
  • Is the inside fully tucked in? If any part of the insert or absorbent cloth is sticking out, it can easily wick onto baby’s clothes.
  • Is there any smell (indicating buildup) or is there repelling? You can test for repelling by pouring some water on your diaper, then pressing gently with your fingers. If the water isn't absorbed immediately, you may have buildup on your diapers causing them to repel and leak. If you have a buildup problem, stripping your diapers will be the best solution. For instructions on how to strip your cloth diapers, click HERE . Feel free to email us for troubleshooting help at [email protected]

Why is my baby getting red marks from the diapers? Are they on too tightly?

Probably not! Your baby would let you know if he/she was uncomfortable! ;) Red marks most often aren't a big deal, I promise -- you probably get red marks from your socks or undergarments that don't cause any issues, right? A too-loose diaper can leak.

My diapers stink, but don't repel!

Stink issues are commonly the result of not using enough detergent which results in urine buildup. To remedy this, add more detergent to your wash cycle and make sure your washer's water level is set to the highest setting. We also recommend, starting your wash routine with a quick cold wash with a small amount of detergent to ensure all urine and solid matter is flushed out prior to your full wash with detergent.

My diapers stink, and they're also repelling and leaking!

You may have some buildup from minerals, creams or laundry additives. First do a deep cleaning of your diapers. Start with clean diapers and run several hot washes with two times the amount of detergent you'd normally use. Follow with 2-3 hot wash cycles without detergent. We also do not suggest using any additives like fabric softeners, OxyClean, vinegar, or dryer sheets.

My natural fiber diapers are crunchy and scratchy.

Mineral or urine buildup can often cause diapers to become stiff and crunchy. If you have hard water, try adding a water softening agent like Calgon to your wash cycle. Check with your diaper manufacturer first. You may also need to increase the amount of detergent you are using. It is also possible that your diapers are crunchy from line or rack drying. Tumble dry your diapers for 10-15 minutes with a damp towel after removing them from the line or rack to "fluff" them.