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Bumblito Headband

Bumblito Headband
Stamped - Baby/Toddler Headband
Luxuriously soft fabric and fashionable prints come together to make our Bumblito headband the must-have item for your baby or toddler. The unique fabric has a gentle stretch that is comfy and will grow with your little one.
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Bumblito Headbands are available in both Baby/Toddler size and Adult Size. Both are made from an extremely soft fabric with a gentle stretch that will grow with your child. The adult size will fit most. 

The baby size Bumblito Headband is very comfortable to wear and will dress up your child's outfits.

The adult size Bumblito Headband is lightweight, unbelievable soft and stylish. They can be matched to your little one's headband. It will keep your bangs back, contain fly aways and can be pulled down over your ears to hold earbuds in place - great when you are out for a run!

Machine wash warm & tumble dry - low heat.

Sold Individually.

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