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Baby K'tan - Adventure Position

Adventure Position Instructions
Get Started ~ Kangaroo ~ Hug ~ Adventure ~ Explore ~ Hip ~ Two-Hip

Introduce when baby has full head control (about 5+ months)
The Adventure Position should not be used for long periods of time in order to avoid over-stimulation.
Ensure that the fabric is spread wide, reaching the bend in baby's knees, to create a comfortable seat.

Continue below after following Getting Started Instructions

Hold your baby securely against your body facing outward.   Place the inner loop between your baby’s legs and pull it over baby’s shoulder. Spread it open to create a comfortable seat for baby.   Place your arm through the outer loop (at your waist). Pull it up between baby’s legs, over baby’s shoulder and onto your shoulder.

Reach behind your back and slide the support band down so that the loops cross at the center of your back for optimal back support.   Adjust both layers of fabric between baby’s legs so that they form a comfortable seat for your baby.   Tie sash tightly around your waist and your baby for extra security and additional back support. Sash must be used.

Adjust fabric on your shoulders so that it is comfortable.