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WillowPads Feminine Pads

WillowPads Feminine Pads
Willow Pads are more comfortable! Made from luxuriously soft and absorbent organic cotton flannel. Together with the thirsty hemp inserts, they are soft and durable.
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Why are women switching to reusable menstrual products like WillowPads?

First, because they are more comfortable! Willow Pads shells are made from luxuriously soft and absorbent organic cotton flannel. Together with the thirsty hemp inserts, they are soft and durable, yet allow for airflow that helps reduce infections and eliminates odors.

That's the second reason - they are healthier to use! There are no plastics or chemical residues that are found in most disposable products. WillowPads are made with only Certified Organic fabrics, without using pesticides or harsh chemicals. They don't have the sticky, sweaty feeling of disposables. Because they are softer, completely breathable, and more comfortable WillowPads are perfect for sensitive skin.

A third reason is that they are better for our environment! There are over 14 billion pads, tampons and applicators going into our landfills every year. It is a small but important way you can help reduce this.

And a fourth reason is to save money! It may seem initially expensive, but compared to buying disposable products monthly it really does make sense. Wearing WillowPads costs an average of $120 - the same amount you spend each year on disposables - and WillowPads last for up to 6 years!

Now there is a stylish, discreet way to carry WillowPads. You can choose from tons of beautiful prints when buying the Planet Wise MINI Wet/Dry Bag. It is the perfect size and has a dry pocket for clean pads and a waterproof side for used pads.  Check them out here! You will be glad you did!

Planet Wise MINI Wet/Dry Bag

How do you wear WillowPads?

The WillowPad outer shell may be all you need for lighter days. For medium and heavy flow days, add inserts to match your flow needs:


No Insert


One Insert


Two Inserts

Just snap the pad around panties with the pocket side hidden. Then change the pad and insert as needed, depending on flow. It is recommended that pads (shell and insert) be changed approximately every 4-6 hours. Add an additional insert if you are worried about leaks. You may be able to wear it longer on lighter flow days. WillowPads are as trim as disposables, yet much softer - and just as absorbent!

How do you wash your WillowPads?

These durable pads are easy to wash. To make washing easier, moisten the soiled pad with cold water and wash within 2-3 days. Place pads in a storage bag or container until washing.

Stains can easily be removed with peroxide or cold water. Then wash with like-colored clothing and tumble dry. Please, don't use fabric softener or bleach.

As the natural fibers in WillowPads is washed repeatedly, it becomes even more absorbent. WillowPads will reach peak absorbency after 2-3 washings. Some initial shrinkage is expected, and does not affect the product.

Taking WillowPads with you or storing soiled pads is made convenient with these folding instructions: Fold your pads with the soiled side in as shown below, and snap the edges inside. Make sure to unsnap for washing!

Just slip a folded WillowPad in a storage bag and put it in your purse. When soiled, fold it and return it to the storage bag. At home, place soiled pads into a washable container and soak or leave dry until washing. Presoaking them in water or peroxide will reduce stains.

How many and what size WillowPads will you need?

WillowPads are available in Regular and Long sizes. The Regular pads are best for daytime use and average size women, or lighter flow. The Long pads are best for overnight and taller women, and postpartum. When using either size, you can customize the WillowPad from a pantiliner to a maxi by simply adding up to 2 inserts.

Ideally, you should have 8-12 Regular pads, 3 Long pads for overnight, and an extra set of inserts for heavier flow days. Depending on your flow and when you do laundry, you may need more or less. Taller women often need Longs.

Each WillowPad comes with one cotton shell and one organic hemp terry insert. Additional inserts, in both sizes, are sold separately.

3 Stars
Better for lighter days
I bought the large and didn't realize that they came with one insert, so that was a nice surprise! These unfortunately don't work great for me for heavy days even with two inserts, also two inserts makes it feel really bulky. The inserts don't go across the whole pad and isn't as long as the pad so it tends to leak especially around the edges. I would recommend these for lighter days but not on your heavy days.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Indiana. on 12/9/2016

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