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Sweet Pea Otter Love

Sweet Pea Otter Love
Otter Love!
Sweet Pea Diapers brings you all the benefits of cloth diapering with soft, absorbent products that are environmentally friendly and easy to use. The Nicki's Diapers exclusive Sweet Pea print, Otter Love, will be floating in at 10am on October 21st. Otter Love features adorable otters peacefully swimming in a calm blue river. Available in a newborn cover and AIO as well as a one size cover and bamboo AIO, Otter Love is the perfect addition to your stash for the animal lovers in your life. Otter Love will be stocking at 10am on October 21st. Catch yours quickly before they swim away!
Posted by Katie on 10/20/2016 to Nicki's Exclusives

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