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Reasons Why I Deserve Chocolate

Reasons Why I Deserve Chocolate
Let's be clear on this, I think everyone deserves chocolate. For any reason. Is it Monday? You deserve chocolate. Do you have a child of any age? Chocolate. Is it gray and rainy outside? Get out the chocolate. However, this week I have an extra special list on why I believe I deserve to break out the stash of chocolate I've squirreled away from last Halloween and eat every last bite. 

Daylight Saving Time 

 I had this naive opinion that the spring time change wouldn't really cause any issues with our little one. My thinking was that she'd sleep her normal amount of time, wake up an hour later according to the clock, and we'd shift nap and bedtime back accordingly. Yeah, not that simple. While she did sleep her normal amount of time, her internal clock just KNEW something was up and nap and bedtime did not go as planned. Now that it's much lighter outside at bedtime, that doesn't help falling asleep either. It took us a few days for her schedule (and personality!) to get back in to a good groove. We relied on LuSa Sleeping Potion (magic I tell you!) and a whole lot of chocolate to get us through the transition days. 


Baby germs are no joke! When cold and flu season started this year, our pediatrician reminded us that the average child gets TEN respiratory illnesses a year. That's nearly one a month! My child really wants to be above average at everything in life, so her nose hasn't stopped running since October. 

Most of the illnesses are viral and antibiotics won't help treat them, so you just have to ride them out with love and extra fluids. We've relied on a system of using the NoseFrida to help clear her nose (did you every think you'd suck someone else's snot before you had kids??), slathering LuSa Chest Rub on the soles of her feet and chest, and running a humidifier in her bedroom to get us through. 

This week we decided to kick things up a notch and get real crazy with pneumonia! That meant adding antibiotics to our get healthy arsenal. While antibiotics help kill the bad bacteria, they can also kill some of the good bacteria and cause upset stomach and loose stools. Loose stools have been the event of the week here! We've survived thanks to Imagine Biodegradeable Liners, our amazing Spray Pal diaper sprayer, extra Planet Wise Pail Liners, and doing laundry twice as often. The liners make it easy to discard most of the solid(ish) waste easily in the toilet and the sprayer gets the rest off easily. Did I mention eating chocolate? That has helped as well. 


I had heard horror stories about the two year molars, but we haven't even made it that far yet. Our little has been working on her first set of molars for what seems like weeks! That means you can constantly find her walking around with something shoved in the back of her mouth to chew on. That ranges from her fingers, to a toothbrush, or any random item she has found in the junk drawer that we didn't realize she was tall enough to reach yet. While I was skeptical at first, we've found some relief with a Momma Goose Amber Teething Necklace. The drooling has reduced to a trickle, she only chews on things for fun now, and she seems to be sleeping better at night. If you're on the paranoid side of parenting (like me!) you can put the necklace around their ankle at night so that it is safely under their pj's. 


This goes back to my first statement that everyone deserves chocolate regardless. I could add pregnancy, spring time mud, a messy house, or a mental leap for baby to my list of reasons I get chocolate this week but let's just lump all of those under LIFE. Life doesn't stop so I strap my cranky (I mean sweet!) baby into her soft structured carrier and just keep moving on forward. Now that my baby bump is growing a little too big to wear her on the front anymore, I'm starting to use the back and side carry options made so easy with our Beco Gemini. Baby gets a bird's eye view of my attempts to vacuum, sweep, and clean that spring time mud off of the floors and I sneak chocolate while I do it. 

Whatever your reason is, find the chocolate you've stashed away and savor it while you enjoy 10% off of all Planet Wise products this week!
Posted by Katie on 3/17/2016 to Blog Posts

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