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Nicki's Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted: A Field of Marshmallow Fluff!

Nicki's Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitted: A Field of Marshmallow Fluff!
Sonja D. had lots to share about why she's loving Nicki's Bamboo Overnight Fitted on her adorable little one. When she shared her happiness, we asked her if she'd let us know what she loves most about it so we could let others know how great they are! Here's what she had to say:

"Nicki's Diapers new Bamboo Overnight Fitted diaper has an incredible softness that is comparable to a field of marshmallow fluff. The bamboo terry cloth makes for a material that has great characteristics. In the fine loops of bamboo there is incredible stretch, fit and strength. 

 Part of those great characteristics is the ability of the bamboo to hold so much moisture while maintaining the original softness that first enticed me. I can imagine we all want to feel as if we are diapering our babes with clouds of never ending buttery goodness, all while knowing our babes will wake up comfortable without interrupted sleep from a lackluster diaper. 

 The fit of the bamboo diaper is very forgiving to rolls and curves, with a spectacular adjustable generous size. The 3 rows of changeable rise, in the one size diaper, can be easily adapted between small and big babes of varying sizes. The serged edges of the leg elastic casings are incredibly quite soft and non-irritating, once again flaunting the unique characteristics of the bamboo, in all of its stretching softness. I applaud the excellent leg fit, yet incredibly stretchy and soft elastics. As well as the multicolored stitching, making the bamboo diaper ever so appealing on the eyes. This same elastic and stretchy quality also mimic the back of the diaper above the bottom, adding once again an adjustment and sizing differential, hence defining the one size diaper. The multicolored snaps add a colorful touch to the beautiful bamboo. But we know that's not the complete function for these colors. These snaps create a guide, or easy reference for knowing what sizing snaps you are on. 

All of this lusciousness and we haven't even talked about the snap in soaker. The ultra soft bamboo soaker is made of the same excellent bamboo the shell is composed of. Not only do you get the great quality outside, it follows through inside. There are 2 snaps on each insert making this soaker fort climbing, superhero pretending, and dancing princess friendly. The soaker is extra long allowing for folding or positioning where needed, especially for those long nights of sleep and slumber. The price is spectacular. For a fraction of the cost of other high end overnight bamboos, this diaper just created a market all its own."

Convinced you need to try out this new overnight option? Shop Nicki's Diapers Bamboo Overnight Fitteds now!
Posted by Katie on 4/4/2016 to New Products

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