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Into the Woods has arrived!

The newest addition to the Nicki's Diapers Series Into the Woods has arrived just in time for the fall. The gorgeous print if full of rich colors and adorable forest animals.

Previous prints in the series include Safari Sunset, Northern Lights, and Under Waterworld. 

Into the woods will stock in the whole Nicki's Diapers Brand lineup.

Available Styles: 

Newborn Bamboo All In Ones 
One Size Bamboo All In Ones 
Newborn Ultimate All In Ones 
One Size Ultimate All In Ones 
One Size Pocket Diapers 
Newborn Covers 
One Size Covers 
Training Pants 
Doll Diapers 
Throw Blankets 
Cuddle Throw Blankets 
Security Blanket 
Cuddle Security Blanket 
Swaddle Blanket 
Cuddle Blanket 
Snuggle Blanket 

Leggings and Wet Bags will be available at a later date.
Posted by Jamie on 10/26/2017

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