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GOsili Spoon 2pk

GOsili Spoon 2pk
What you feed your kids with matters. That's why Gosili created these 100% European-grade silicone baby spoons. Silicone is resistant to extreme temperatures so you can safely clean your GoSili Silicone Spoons in the dishwasher, by hand, or boil to sterilize.
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We are a lover of all things sustainable and environmentally friendly, like silicone. Why silicone? Silicone is safe for you and your family and does not contain harsh chemicals that can leach toxic materials into your food. 

No need to worry about melting, breaking, or warping. This 2-pack of training spoons is perfect for your child as they begin self-feeding. The soft, silicone design is perfect for those clumsy little hands and gentle on little mouths!

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