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Double Points Weekend!

Everyone's favorite promotion DOUBLE POINTS is going on now thru Sunday in Honor of Mother's Day. It is a great time to to treat yourself to that new diaper bag or baby carrier you've been eyeing up! 

If you been eyeing up some Sloomb products they are also 10% off with the code SLOOMB now thru Monday. 

Or grab a Ju-Ju-Be Be Classy on sale thru Sunday for $125.00. 

Posted by Jamie on 5/12/2017 to Blog Posts

Taming the Toddler Tantrum

Taming the Toddler Tantrum
When Baby Z has a tantrum she turns from my sweet little girl into a possessed ninja child. Read on to hear some of the tips and tricks I've learned to head off tantrums before they start and deal with them once we've reached full tantrum pandemonium.
Posted by Katie on 8/9/2016 to Blog Posts

Just One

Kids.  Apparently, people like to have them. As in more than one.  Those people must enjoy circuses to an unhealthy level because my life is a freakin' side show and I only have one. Now, don't get me wrong. I love my kid. As in singular. She's a genius. She's hilarious. She's four. Did I have grand ideas about having a big family? Heck no. Well, it might have been an option except that my husband is quite a bit older than I am and didn't want me to push him to his youngest child's graduation in a wheelchair. It seemed like a good idea to have kids, plural, until we had our daughter, singular. 

Posted by Becca J on 7/13/2016 to Blog Posts

My Breastfeeding Journey

My Breastfeeding Journey
For some new moms, breastfeeding comes naturally and other than a normal adjustment period, everything goes smoothly. I was not one of those moms. Breastfeeding my daughter was a hard fought journey rather than an instantaneous bond. Hear how we worked through it together and how I received the support needed to build our breastfeeding relationship. 

Posted by Katie on 4/14/2016 to Blog Posts

Reasons Why I Deserve Chocolate

Reasons Why I Deserve Chocolate
Everyone deserves chocolate! What's your reason? This week's list includes Daylight Saving time, baby illnesses, and teething as reasons why binge chocolate eating is acceptable. Hear how chocolate, along with many of your favorite Nicki's Diapers products, has made this week more bearable!
Posted by Katie on 3/17/2016 to Blog Posts

Think Spring with My Swim Baby

Think Spring with My Swim Baby
With the weather warming up outside, are you starting to dream of summer? Long days outside with your toddler running in the breeze? Trips to the beach or pool? Love, Mrs. Mommy is thinking along the same lines with her blog post "Dreaming of Pool Time with My Swim Baby by Nicki's Diapers". Read the full post to see some adorable photos of her little in My Swim Baby and hear her review on the products.
Posted by Katie on 3/16/2016 to Blog Posts

Planet Wise Lite Hanging wet bag - Not just for diapers!

Planet Wise Lite Hanging wet bag - Not just for diapers!
The Planet Wise Lite Hanging Wet Bag is the perfect bag to hang off the back of your vehicle seat and collect all those muddy shoes, shin guards, socks, and other unmentionables that will leave those gross chunks of dried mud all over, not to mention STINK up your whole van, not that this has ever happened to me… :)
Posted by Annie on 3/14/2016 to Blog Posts