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Wool Care

Washing wool diaper covers is easy, but you do need to be careful and follow manufacturers' directions.

  • The wool detergents here will clean and protect your wool products.
  • Do not wring, pull, twist or stretch the wool.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
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CJ's Wool Wash
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Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash
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Sloomb Wool Lanolin Spray By BeeGreen Naturals - 4 oz
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$8.75  $7.87
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Sloomb Soak Wash
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Sloomb Emulsifying Cubes
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Sloomb Solid Lanolin
Average Rating(1)
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Unicorn Fibre Wash - Wool Wash - 4 oz
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Evercare Wool Shaver
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Sloomb Wool Always Love You Wool Care Kits
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