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Why swaddle your baby?
  • Swaddling your baby may help your baby get to sleep and stay asleep, especially when a newborn.
  • Swaddling makes your baby feel calm, warm and secure.
  • It prevents your baby from throwing his arms up and startling himself.
It takes some practice to swaddle a baby into that little 'package'. Good swaddling blankets are large and thin. Small, thick blankets do not work well. Swaddling pouches are also a good choice and you may find them easier to use, but be sure to purchase the correct size.

Babies can be swaddled with their arms across their chests, down along their torsos or with their hands up by their faces. You will learn what your baby prefers. Do not put the swaddling blanket near your baby's mouth or nose, which is a suffocation hazard.
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Nested Bean Zen Swaddle - Classic
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Nested Bean Zen Swaddle - Premier
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Nicki's Diapers Gender Reveal Package
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Nicki's Diapers Bamboo Blankets
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Imagine Bamboo Swaddling Blanket
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Best Bottom Bamboo Swaddling Blanket
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Tula Blankets - 3 pack
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bumGenius Genius Series Swaddle Sets - 3 blanket
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Sweet Pea Mariposah Bamboo Muslin Swaddle
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SALE - Ergobaby Swaddler - 2 pack
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