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FALL DEALS - Dolcino Jacquard Wraps 20% OFF

FALL DEALS - Dolcino Jacquard Wraps 20% OFF
Jacquard - Falklands
The Dolcino Wrap is a non stretchy woven wrap that will hold your baby safe and secure from birth up until 60 pounds. It will not become loose or saggy.
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The Dolcino Jacquard Wraps are made with organic KbA yarn and designed and produced in Germany & Switzerland. They are subject to high ecological and social standards. KbA yarn is 100% organic cotton that has a very soft and airy feel. It also is thicker and has more stability and grip. The Dolcino Wrap is a non stretchy woven wrap, so once you put it on it will not loosen or become saggy. Because it is woven lengthwise and crosswise, it has diagonal elasticity and the diagonally cut ends have a smaller knot when tied.

The intricate jacquard weave makes the Dolcino Jacquard Wraps extra special!

The Dolcino Jacquard Wraps will hold your baby safe and secure from birth up until 60 pounds. The non stretchy woven fabric gives more support to hold an older baby or child.

Care Instructions:  Wash in warm water and hang to dry. 

Size:  4.6 x 0.7 Meters (approximately 15 feet x 2 feet 3 1/2 inches)

The Dolcino Jacquard Wraps comes with a step by step booklet on how to wear and care for your wrap. Don't be intimidated by this long piece of fabric. It really is easy to do! 

The Dolcino Jacquard Wrap allows you to wear your baby uniquely close. There is not a lot of extra material or bulky padding between you and your baby. Your baby can hear your heartbeat and will find comfort in the warmth of your body.

The Dolcino Jacquard Wrap is an optimal baby carrier for premature infants. Preemies are often prescribed to practice "kangaroo care" and this skin to skin practice used to increase birth weight can be easily achieved while wearing this baby carrier. But it is also long enough to hold a baby (child) up to 60 lbs!

The Dolcino Jacquard Wrap can help soothe your fussy baby! It is amazing how quickly a baby will settle down once wrapped in the Dolcino Wrap. The style of the wrap insures your baby is close while providing ultimate comfort and support. No more aching backs or tired arms! Now your baby can be kept close and happy for as long as he/she desires.

The Dolcino Jacquard Wrap is very versatile! You can wear it in many different carries. 


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