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Klean Kanteen

The Klean Kanteen is made of risk free stainless steel that is reusable and lightweight.  Stainless steel is the choice for the health conscious!  It is easy to clean, durable, sanitary, toxin-free, and non-leaching.  It is the material of choice in the food processing, dairy, and brewery industries.  Stainless steel is a great alternative to plastics which are filling our landfills and oceans since only 23% of plastic water bottles are actually recycled.  That means 38 billion plastic water bottles go in our landfills each year!  

The Klean Kanteen is a healthy choice for your body and our environment!  It will outlast plastic water bottles and the water will taste clean and be odor free.  Even after daily use for years and years, your drinks will continue to taste fresh and clean!  Recent studies have shown that many plastic water bottles leach toxins such as Bisphenol A (BPA).  Theses studies have linked BPA to breast cancer & reproductive mutations.

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